Chairman's Message

Millions of people surf internet searching for reliable service providers. There is no such
sustainable and flexible platform for either the service providers or the professionals or the customers to exchange their knowledge, events, activities, professional websites and social networks which would enable both the customer and the professional to link each other.

Thus, “professionals.lk” has been applauded and reached by many people around the world and it has acquired a steady and augmenting flow. This marks a proud moment for all Sri Lankans.





most respected community.

Professionalism has more value than ever before and at the same time there is healthy and unhealthy competition everywhere for professional services. Due to unhealthy competition, the value of professional services have been affected to greater extent and also professional service seekers are NOT getting the expected value as well.  

There is a huge potential in every Professional, but due to lack of attention given by themselves and many opportunities are going down the drains.  Most of the professionals are passionate on what they do, but NOT placing the product at the right place and right time.  Many internationally acclaimed platforms are there but due to floods of information and lack of categorisation, such platforms haven’t serve the expected outcome by their patronage.  

The term professional refers to anyone who earns their living from performing an activity that requires a certain level of education, skill, or training. There is typically a required standard of competency, knowledge or education that must be demonstrated (often in the form of an exam or credential), as well as adhering to codes of conduct and ethical standards

Defining professionalism is where we start and positioning professionalism is where we aim and providing platform to reach the VISION of every professional is our MOTO.  Any professional value seekers will have ONE STOP SHOP for their needs where past track records, academia, exposure will be transparent and testimonials will be the objective evidences as proof.  Then ONLY TRUE professionals will make use of the platform and credibility will play a major role in deciding their horizons.  

Regional expansion will be the future of the platform where enormous opportunities will be offered to the platform users and service seekers will have wide array of selection as well.  

It is very important to adhere and maintain Professional Standards for any Person or Professional’s Organisation Professional standards are a set of practices, ethics, and behaviours that members of a particular body must adhere to. These sets of standards are frequently agreed by a governing body that represents the interests of the group.